Welcome to "OUR HOME - Our Little World"

We proudly call it "our little world" because it starts from our dining table and ends in a very well-equipped basement & a garage-officeWe believe in taking steps, however small they might be, to reduce the carbon footprint and “save the earth” by saying a BIG NO to plastic and other harmful products. It is our passion, our goal, to bring easy to maintain quality products that are sustainable, reusablerecyclable and yet unique to your individual style.

Small businesses like ours depend on environment conscience customers like you.  With every purchase you make, you join us in our cause of saving the environment, one step at a time. We thank you very much for visiting us here and hope you would find something you like!


Our SOURCE : Pre-Consumer Fabric Remnants

We handpick quality fabrics and other material like beads, lace, buttons, suede squares, jute etc. directly from manufacturers, exporters or upholsters.  Being environment conscience, we try and pick up “end of the yardage” and “dead stock” to prevent that from ending up in landfills.  

Our designs are driven and inspired by available fabrics and accessories. We mix and match fabrics then further enhance them my adding embellishments, hand embroidery and / or sequin work, making our styles distinct and appealing.


It is quite simple, we call it "over a cup of coffee" technique!

Our ideas mostly emerge at our dining table over many cups of coffee and the inspiration is usually from what our friends share with us as a "wish list". It can range from a reusable bag made from canvas remnants to wooden trays re-purposed from pallets to accent pillow covers from excess upholstery fabric. We like to convert some wishes into reality and then throw in an extra measure and add our own embellishments.

Bottom line, our skills and techniques are to listen to people, translate it on paper, create a board, make a pattern, take it to the needle & machine and be creative.


At 7Artisan Street, we are all about environment. Let us share 3 thought provoking facts with you that are few of the key drivers behind our mission of promoting sustainable living, again, towards improving our shared environment for us and for our future generations:

  1. The United States, alone, sends about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills every year. This includes pre-consumer or unused fabric.
  2. Plastic bags take anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years to break down. An estimated 1 million birds, 100,000 turtles and countless other sea and land animals die from ingesting plastic.
  3. The U.S. cuts down 14 million trees per year to supply raw material for paper, paper shopping bags, and other paper products.

And here is what we have set out to accomplish with your much needed support:

  1. Reducing Waste by Design: Up-Cycle what we can; as much we can
  2. Zero Waste: Reuse, Re-purpose and Recreate
  3. Refuse: what we cannot recycle or reuse

We hope you enjoy our journey and continue to support our mission and small businesses.

Best wishes from our home to yours,

The team from 7 Artisan Street ®





We, Minnie and Nish, are the founding members of the brand, 7 Artisan Street, an inspiring collection of multiple product lines, delivering Up-Cycled & Hand-Crafted Bags, Scarves and Accessories.  We are bonded first by the same cause of up-cycling and reducing waste and then as sisters-in-law.

While working in the corporate world, we got a chance to study eco-friendly alternatives and learnt about pre-consumer textile waste. The magnitude of waste and its impact to environment didn’t sit well with us. We knew we had to initiate change and it seemed natural for us to put our creative heads together to do something about it.

In less than a year, 7 Artisan Street was ready to raise awareness about pre-consumer textile waste to reduce the carbon footprint. Today, over 3 years since we started, we have come a long way on the challenging road to drive the message of environment consciousness through our products and online presence.

Socially Responsible: At 7Artisan Street, we have been actively involved in providing food, clothing, shoes, books and hygiene related items such as soaps etc. for a group of children that we have taken under our wing.

It is our dream to see these children of the streets get, at a minimum, the basic necessities of life. To realize “our dream” for these children, we have further decided to give a significant portion of our profits towards their needs and growth.  Small businesses like ours depend on customers like you to succeed and deliver the promise because every purchase you make contributes towards providing basic essentials to a child on the streets.  Make a difference!

Please subscribe to our newsletter to follow the progress of these children and be a part of their amazing journey and growth.


They don’t have an address. The best we can explain is they live under a underpass (flyover) and this is the first time they have been introduced to books. At this point, they cannot read or write, so we got them coloring books, crayons and toys. It was instant love and a great start to a new beginning.

No step is too small and no effort is insignificant

We provide educational books to these children and are in constant conversation with their families to encourage these children to go to school. We can clearly see that it is a mission we can accomplish together.