At 7Artisan Street, we have been actively involved in providing food, clothing, shoes, books and hygiene related items such as soaps etc. for a group of children that we have taken under our wing.

It is our dream to see these children of the streets get, at a minimum, the basic necessities of life. To realize “our dream” for these children we have further decided to give a significant portion of our profits towards their needs and growth.  Over and above this your every purchase contributes towards providing basic essentials to a child on the streets. Make a difference!

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    They don’t have an address. The best we can explain is they live under a underpass (flyover) and this is the first time they have been introduced to books. At this point, they cannot read or write, so we got them coloring books, crayons and toys. It was instant love and a great start to a new beginning.


    No step is too small and no effort is insignificant…. We provide educational books to these children and are in constant conversation with their families to encourage these children to go to school. We can clearly see that it is a mission we can accomplish together.

    Clockwise from left (Top Image) : Dilshad (7 yrs), Munni (7 yrs), Muskaan (8 years), Sapna (8Years) Tara (8 years) Pooja (1 yr)

  • Welcome to our “HOME”
    We don't call it our Business

    7Artisan Street is a realization of an idea, a humble beginning, to bring art in your everyday life. It is our way to reintroduce old and new and make it a personal classic.


    Our Backbone:

    It is a collective vision of a small group of individuals from different parts of the world, who came together with a single mission, to promote local art, provide opportunity of growth to the local artisans and give exposure to their creativity. Although we provide the platform to their craft, it is essentially their uniquely handcrafted art that is the core strength of our business.

    Above: a local artisan in Bhuj (Gurjart) Below: Handcrafted wood etching; Below right: The famous hand embroidery called “Ari”

  • Meet OUR TEAM

    Our team along with our local artisans, work together and make sure that what we bring to you is a unique blend of ethnic and contemporary. It is our attempt to capture an artist’s creativity and translate that through traditional methods to form into products that would appeal to your individual sense of art and beauty.


    Each product is masterfully created, carefully inspected and beautifully packaged before it is shipped out. Through this entire journey, we will continue to grow our unique collection and share stories of our progress with our artisans in this field.