Scarves for The Season—7 Ways to Wear Our Scarves this Winter

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At 7 Artisan Street, you might have noticed that we love artisan scarves. We love making scarves for women, and we love wearing them ourselves.

But what if you are tired of wearing your scarf the same old way every year?

We’ve got good news! You don’t have to. Here are 7 new ways to wear your scarf this fall and winter season.

1. Traditional Tie

The traditional scarf is worn around the neck—something you are no doubt familiar with. Simply wrap it around your neck twice for a snug fit.

But, you can spice up this look by pairing our scarves with simple jewelry that works well and makes your scarf style standout.

2. Silk Scarves for Sophistication

Want to look ultra-sophisticated this fall and winter season? There’s no better way than with a silk scarf.

Widely worn in Europe, the silk scarf is as comfy as it is sophisticated.

Use the “French twist” tie to set off the look. Pair it with a gorgeous scoop neck sweater and you’re well on your way to looking gorgeous this season.

Video Courtesy Brooks Brothers / Credit Pinterest 

3. Hair Tie Styles

Did you know our women’s scarves can be worn in your hair?

Because we use premium materials to make our scarves, they won’t make your hair frizz up.

Depending on your preferred style, you can pull your hair up in a bun and wear our scarves to tame flyaways, or to cover your entire hair for a more ethnic look.

Image Courtesy Pinterest

4. Waist Accent

Want to spice up your office outfit? Why not add a scarf to your ensemble?

You’ll love the soft fabric and meticulous designs of our scarves and our selection allows you to easily match your outfits.

Simply tie the scarf around at your waist point for a surprising accent that looks great.

Silk Scarf

Image Courtesy Pinterest

5. The Loose Loop

If you are anything like us, you love oversized everything. This winter, opt for a larger-than-normal scarf for your closet and pair it with a sleek top.

Simply wrap the scarf around your neck twice for a loose loop that looks stylish and keeps you warm.

6. Unfolded and Undercover

Obviously, scarves were originally designed to keep you warm during the cold fall and winter months. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort just for style. With this look you won’t have to.

Simply unwrap your scarf and lay it flat. Then wrap it around your shoulders and neck. If it’s long enough, you can cinch it with a belt, or tie it in a simple knot to tie it altogether.

Blanket Scarf

Image Courtesy Pinterest

7. Over-The-Shoulder

Look totally posh with an over-the-shoulder scarf. Lay your silk (our recommended material) flat and then toss it over your shoulder as you head out the door. The design will speak for itself.

Wanna get these looks? Then shop our collection for a wide variety of artisan scarves made just for you! Let us know in the comments which one you’ll be wearing this season.

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